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Why An On-Site Lab Is A Must

When it takes less time to create one denture, that leaves time for more dentures to be created. More patients treated and more lives changed results in an accomplished, sound and prosperous practice. AD&Is dental lab team accomplishments are recognized, evident by the 70% of AD&I lab technicians who have experienced a promotion within the company

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A Guide For New Dentists: Charting Your Implant Career Course

As a recent dental graduate, you know the profession of dentistry is undergoing dramatic change. Filling your chair with a steady stream of patients is more challenging than ever, as competition is growing fierce. It’s also more costly to operate a practice today than it was for our parents’ generation. You will even need a whopping half million dollars in loans to build up your practice. Are you ready for some help?

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A Day In The Life: Daphne Henry, Front Desk Assistant

A Day in the Life: Daphne Henry, Front Desk Assistant, Affordable Dentures & Implants. “Having had AD&I create a new smile for her sixteen years ago, it’s a joy to witness each patient experience the same fate. And in such a short amount of time.“Having the on-site lab makes a world of difference to people. Patients are so shocked when you say that what they need can be turned around in the same day.” Read more…

As a Front Desk Assistant, Henry plays a big role in the journey of each patient.

‘I’m the first person they see and the last person they see...I love that.”

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A Day In The Life: Practice Owner Jase Hackney, DMD, MICOI, FAAIP

Dr. Jase Hackney has been running his affiliated AD&I practice for well over a decade now, Dr. Hackney is a steadfast trusted dental fixture in the Tampa area. There is no doubt that his dedication and experience have contributed to where he is today, but he also credits his success to his affiliation with AD&I. Discover what a “day in the life” is like for one of ADI’s top performing practice owners.

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