The premier Dental Referral program.


The Referral Program is intended to compensate employees, affiliates and vendors that refer qualifying candidates who become employed in or affiliated in eligible positions.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The referred employee or affiliate must have properly applied and been hired by an affiliated practice for an award-eligible position.

  2. The referral cannot already be in active conversation with Affordable Care.

  3. The referring individual must notify Recruitment of the referral prior to hire or affiliation. Notification must include name, position of interest, phone number of referral and relationship to referral.

  4. The referred individual must name the referring individual as the referral source.

  5. For individuals employed or affiliated by/with Affordable Care, the referring individual must be actively employed or affiliated at the time of referral payout.

  6. Affordable Care employees who are at the Executive, Senior Director or Director (or similarly titled positions) level or in Recruiting are ineligible.

Program Details

  1. Positions will be designated by the Vice President of Human Resources, or designee, as eligible for award. Only designated positions are award-eligible.

  2. For associate dentist positions, the Practice Owner will approve, in writing, of the accounting prior to the position becoming award-eligible.

  3. Award amounts assume full time employment. The amount payable will be adjusted by percentage of full time for any referral who does not work full time. Post-start full time equivalent increases will not result in additional award. Post-start full time equivalent decreases to work schedule will result in reduction of the second award payment.

  4. The award will be received as two lump-sum disbursements; at time of start and after six months after hire or affiliation.

  5. Awards are considered income and are therefore subject to tax, per state and IRS guidelines, and/or any other statutory withholdings. Affordable Care will deduct withholdings if the referring individual is employed by an affiliated practice. If not employed or affiliated, the recipient is responsible for all taxes.

  6. Eligible individuals may refer applicants for any number of eligible positions and be eligible to receive multiple awards if the referrals meet the program rules and requirements.

  7. As this rule set cannot cover every possible scenario under which a referral might be made, Affordable Care’s Management Team will adjudicate and interpret program rules and questions surrounding them, consistent with the spirit of the program. Their decision is final and may not be appealed.