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What to expect when you apply at AD&I or Affordable Care

The hiring process for all positions at Affordable Dentures & Implants affiliated practices, Affordable Dentures dental laboratories or Affordable Care begins online … and, most important, with you. Are you passionate about serving the underserved? Are you inspired by the idea of working with an industry pioneer and leader? Then let’s begin.

What’s involved in joining an Affordable Dentures & Implants team?

After reviewing your application and resume, one of our dental career consultants will contact you to arrange next steps, including any interviews. In the case of associate dentists and practice teams, the practice owner decides who to hire. Investigate further to get your opportunity ball rolling.

Is Affordable Dentures & Implants right for you?
  • Are you interested in owning a practice with no investment?
  • Are you interested in clinical autonomy?
  • Are you interested in the best professional business support?
  • Are you interested in serving the underserved?
  • Are you interested in doubling your income?
  • Are you interested in building equity for retirement?
  • Are you interested in best-in-class clinical education?
  • Are you interested in focusing on surgery & dental implants?
  • Are you interested in escaping dental insurance plans?
  • Are you interested in having an engaged peer network?
  • Are you interested in a proven, turnkey practice model?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, please continue.
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Our network of more than 225 affiliated practices in 39 states, is the nation’s largest group of denture and implant service providers... and growing every year.

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