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Questions, Anyone?

Common Questions about Working with an Affordable Dentures & Implants affiliated practice

Here are some of the queries we commonly hear from those curious about working with us.

  • Practice Owners
    Who owns and runs the practice?

    You do. As an affiliated owner, you own your professional corporation 100 percent. You then contract with Affordable Care, LLC, and Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories, LLC (ADDL), for business services and on-site laboratory support. As practice owner, you make all the final decisions, including staff employment and how clinical services are delivered to patients.

    What does Affordable Care do for the practice?

    Affordable Care provides all the business support services you need to establish and run your practice. These include site selection, lease negotiation, facility up-fit, recruitment support, purchasing, a fully staffed and equipped on-site dental laboratory, centralized purchasing, marketing and advertising, information technology support, and all necessary financial services.

    Do I need money to invest?

    No. You have no personal financial investment. Affordable Care provides the resources for the facility, equipment, and supplies to start the practice and provides funding to the professional corporation during the start-up. You provide superior clinical care, and we help with everything else.

    What is the average income?

    Last year, the average income for all practice owners who worked a full year was $335,000. The top 50 percent of all practice owners earned an average of $435,000, and the top 10 percent of practice owners earned an average of $713,000.

    Do I work for Affordable Care?

    No. The practices are organized as professional corporations or professional associations that are 100% owned by the practicing dentist. You will be a W-2 employee of your own professional corporation. Affordable Care provides business support services to the affiliated practices under contractual arrangements.

  • Associate Dentists
    How much does an associate position pay?

    The compensation package varies among practices. You receive a guaranteed base salary, plus the opportunity to make additional bonus compensation based upon the revenue growth of the practice.

    Who do I work for—Affordable Care or the practice owner?

    You will be an employee of the dental practice and the practice owner, not Affordable Care.

    How can I make more?

    Your compensation is reviewed annually. Increases in pay and bonuses are decided upon between you and the practice owner.

    How many patients will I see on average day?

    It varies across practices. At practices that need an associate, you can expect to see typically 10 to 20 new patients a day. In the Affordable Dentures & Implants practice model, you are not assigned specific patients. For example, you may provide an impression for a patient in the morning, and the practice owner may provide the extraction services in the afternoon.

  • Locum Tenens
    How much does a locum tenens position pay?

    You receive a guaranteed daily rate. Plus, all of your assignment expenses—including transportation and housing—are paid by the practice.

    Can I make a percentage of production?

    No. Because each dentist is involved with the same patients at various times during the treatment and delivery process, it is impossible to pay a single dentist a percentage of production.

    Will you help with license cost and upkeep?


    Who do I work for – Affordable Care or the practice owner?

    You will be an employee of the dental practice and the practice owner, not Affordable Care.

    How much work do you have available?

    If you are willing to obtain additional licenses, there are a lot of opportunities available, based upon our large network of practices.

  • Laboratory Managers, Technicians, and Waxers
    Who do I work for?

    You are employed by Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories (ADDL), the nation’s largest removable prosthetic laboratory company. You will be a part of an on-site laboratory team that supports one practice owner dentist.

    What are the hours?

    The practices and labs operate Monday through Friday, usually from about 7:30 or 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The best part: there are no night schedules or weekends required.

    What does the benefits package consist of?

    As a full-time employee of ADDL, you are eligible (after 90 days of service) for comprehensive health insurance, including medical, life, vision, dental, short- and long-term disability, and a flexible benefits plan. After one year of service, you are eligible for the 401(k) retirement plan with an initial 3 percent company contribution, and then a 2-to-1 company match on the next 2 percent you invest; you are fully vested at that time.

    Does the lab just produce removable dentures?

    All on-site ADDL labs provide full dentures and partials, and some provide implant retained over-dentures. Most dentures and partials are provided the same day if the patient arrives early enough in the morning for the bite registration and impression.

    Is there a training program and opportunities for advancement?

    Congrats—you’ve found one of the best places in the world to train for a dental laboratory career. ADDL provides all lab professionals, regardless of skill level, with comprehensive training once employment begins. Training and skills assessment are ongoing, allowing you to increase your skill level and become eligible for advancement opportunities. With more than 200 labs in 39 states and continued expansion each year, there are always opportunities for advancement if you meet the required qualifications.

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