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We firmly believe that affiliated Affordable Dentures & Implants practices can and will deliver A Smile for Everyone who is in need. Our very existence is founded in our call to serve our neighbors, people in our communities who require dental care.

That’s why we are actively involved with Mission of Mercy events, which provide free dental, healthcare, and prescription medications to the underserved. Mission of Mercy events nationwide have helped more than 135,000 patients and provided nearly 76 million dollars in free services since 2000.

Every year across the U.S., dentists, lab and practice staff from affiliated Affordable Dentures & Implants practices donate their time and resources at local Mission of Mercy events. We also contribute to America’s Dentist Care Foundation, the nonprofit supporting Mission of Mercy events nationwide Why? Because we are committed to delivering dental care with compassion, dignity and respect for all patients.


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