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Key Drivers of Team Satisfaction at a Dental Support Organization (DSO)

As one of the senior Dental Support Organizations (DSO), born in 1975, with over 240 Affordable Dentures & Implants practices across the USA, we have truly come to understand how important employee and practice owner retention is. We have evolved over time to provide a commitment of service and innovation to the customers who visit our practices, and continue evolving with the ever-changing dental industry.

Over the course of over four decades, we have come to understand some of the key drivers that keep our  affiliated practice owners happy. Approximately 95% of our owners remain active in our organization – one of the highest rates in the entire industry. Why?

  • 100% ownership of their practices, with complete clinical control and autonomy.

This allows them to execute the best treatment plans for their patients and hire their own staff, all while enjoying 100% ownership plus equity.

  • Compensation and competitive pay.

We have served over 6 million patients who refer more patients to us to each year. That is why we strongly believe in finding the best talent in dentistry to serve our patients. Our practice owners enjoy almost double the average salary of a traditional practice owner, with an annual average compensation of $335,000 a year.

  • Industry-leading live implant training and continuing education.

Through our experience, we know the importance of providing a clear career path and training with industry leaders.

“For doctors coming out of school, Affordable Dentures & Implants presents an unbelievable career opportunity. As an associate dentist, you can take advantage of all the continuing education that’s available to become incredibly proficient with surgery, implants, and other specialties. After just a few years, you’re doing procedures that might have taken 10 or 15 years to train for in private practice.”

Dr. Jase R. Hackney, DMD, MICOI, FAAIP 

Tampa, FL

Affordable Dentures & Implants Owner

  • Efficient business model with 360° support

We understand that dentists develop great clinical skills that enable them to deliver life-changing care. We are passionate about delivering best-in-class business support. Here are some of the responsibilities we help our affiliated dentists with:

  • Site selection and facility management
  • Recruiting and HR
  • IT services
  • On-site labs
  • Financial services
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Real estate and equipment upgrades
  • Operations consulting
  • Cutting-edge equipment and technology, including rootform implants and 3D cone beam imaging.

With our range of business support, our dentist never feel alone and can devote their energy towards improving the lives of thousands of patients each year.

Proof is in the facts

As shown below, Affordable Dentures & Implants has surpassed our competitors in our overall satisfaction rates. This is not an accident, but part of our plan in creating the thriving environment that exists today. This culture is derived from listening to our teams and building off of their feedback.

Global Competitor Comparisons (Glassdoor 2017):

We will continue a strong growth plan and incessantly strive to achieve total team satisfaction throughout our practices. Our key drivers of 100% ownership and clinical control, compensation, industry-leading education, and business support back our 95% retention rate amongst our practice owners. Turnover is a costly quandary for employers, and we do our best to keep that cost low and retention high. Our research shows that employers are partially in control of turnover, and at DSOs in particular, there are clear solutions to reduce it.

Interested in learning about joining our incredible team of affiliate dentists? Learn more about becoming a practice owner or associate dentist at Affordable Dentures & Implants – Careers.

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