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360° Business Support for Your Practice

You focus on patient care. We focus on everything else.

One of the most popular advantages our affiliated practice owners enjoy is 360° business support—from operations to marketing and everything in between. Affordable Care, takes care of your nonclinical duties, so you can devote your energy toward improving the lives of thousands of patients each year.

Here are just some of the responsibilities we take care of for you.
  • Site selection and facility management
  • Recruiting and HR
  • IT services
  • Financial services
  • On-site labs
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Real estate and equipment upgrades
  • Access to great training and continuing education
  • Operations consulting
  • Leading-edge equipment and technology, including rootform implants and 3D cone beam imaging
Dedicated on-site labs enable same-day service

Each affiliated practice has its own, exclusive on-site lab, making it so much easier and faster for you to communicate with your lab techs and make adjustments. This configuration results in enhanced results, greater collaboration and camaraderie, and satisfaction among all parties.

Strong titanium implants at great rates.

We are serious about leading the way in tooth replacement. By partnering with implant industry pioneers, we enable affiliated dentists to offer the industry standard for titanium implants at below-market fees.

Focus on what you are trained to do.

Dentistry is a calling. It also is a business. We understand that dentists develop great clinical skills that enable them to deliver life-changing care. It happens that we are passionate about delivering great business advisory services. So get in touch with Affordable Dentures & Implants and ask about our 360° support.

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