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Dental Laboratory Careers at Affordable Dentures & Implants

Technician founded. Technician managed.

Affordable Dentures & Implants (AD&I) affiliated practices can provide high-quality dental prosthetics because of our amazing dental laboratory teams across the U.S. Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories (ADDL) manages the on-site dental labs connected to AD&I practices. Thanks to our dedicated ADDL lab technicians, AD&I practices deliver much-needed tooth-replacement care to hundreds of thousands of patients each year. And we’re hiring!

We’re making a big difference, thanks to the artistry of our lab technicians.

Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories is the largest U.S. network of denture- and implant-focused labs, employing more than 730 technicians. With full-service on-site dental labs at all Affordable Dentures & Implants locations, our affiliated practices are able to provide a full range of tooth replacement services, from same-day dentures and partials to implant-supported dentures.

So what exactly do our lab professionals do?

Our technicians operate in a team work environment. We employ from 2 to 6 technicians in each lab, and we classify our technicians in four different types of positions: Processor, Waxer/Finisher, Full Dental Technician, and Laboratory Manager.

  • Processor

    Thinking about a dental laboratory career, but are not sure where to begin? Check out our processor openings. Many processors are skilled dental lab technicians with experience trimming and pouring denture models, as well as plaster bench experience. We also will consider entry-level candidates with transferable skills, such as experience working with their hands, good hand-eye coordination, mechanical ability, or artistic talent.

  • Waxer/Finisher

    These skilled dental lab technicians are capable of denture wax-up, festooning, carving, finishing, repairs, and relines. Our waxer/finishers often have experience trimming and pouring denture models, as well as plaster bench experience. ADDL asks its waxer/finishers to have appropriate knowledge of OSHA protocol, and a willingness to cross-train and grow in all areas of the lab.

  • Full Dental Technician

    To be eligible for this position you must be a skilled dental lab technician with employment experience fabricating dentures from start to finish. Full technicians must be capable of setting teeth, denture wax-up (including festooning and carving), rough and fine finishing and repairs, bending wire, and pouring and trimming denture models. Full dental technicians also periodically serve as associate lab manager in that person’s absence, and are expected to understand OSHA protocol and be willing to cross-train in all areas of the lab.

  • Laboratory Manager

    We’re always looking for great lab managers! This role requires a high level of technical proficiency, as well as management experience or comparable skills. As an ADDL lab manager you work alongside your lab team, fabricating our full line of tooth-replacement services. You also oversee the workflow in the lab, serve as the liaison to the practice owner, conduct assessments of job candidates, and supervise and train employees. As such, you must be a skilled dental lab technician with significant employment experience fabricating dentures from start to finish. You should also have solid leadership and training expertise, plus a strong work ethic and communication skills.

What do people like most about working in ADDL labs?

There are many reasons that our lab professionals come to ADDL … and stay.

  • Competitive salaries–guaranteed 40 hours per week
  • Career development, with opportunities to advance into management
  • Generous benefits package, including healthcare and 401k
  • On-the-job training–regardless of your skill level at the start of employment
  • Monday through Friday work week, with no nights or weekends
  • Work exclusively with one practice at their on-site lab
  • Relocation assistance for skilled technicians
  • Training program to pursue Certified Dental Technician credentials
The benefits of being an ADDL employee don’t stop there.

We continue to invest in our dental lab technicians by providing opportunities to advance their technical and professional skill sets. Our technicians receive assistance with continuing education, work with cutting-edge technology, and learn innovative techniques, including advanced implant prosthetic-restoration training. Our technicians also receive professional recognition within the field of dental lab technology, such as becoming a Certified Dental Lab Technician.

Our hope is that, regardless of your skill level when you join one of our lab teams, you will continue to grow as a dental lab professional. ADDL was founded by and is managed by dental lab technicians. What does this mean for you? Not only will you be managed by someone who has experience working in your position, you will have the opportunity to be considered for management team positions, such as on-site management and upper-management roles.

Develop your skills. Grow. And make a difference.

We take great pride in our training programs: You won’t find a better place to grow your technical skills and become a master of your craft.

Hiring Process

Be part of a lab network founded and managed by dental technicians.

We respect and appreciate your technical talents. Find out how to get started, or go ahead and reach out to us.


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