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We facilitate top-flight training for implant dentistry and lab technician certifications. And we'll give you the technology you need to deliver services your patients need. The pathway to your successful dental career starts here.

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Changing the face of dentistry: That is what affiliated dentists have done since day one... some 14,600 days (40 years) ago. We continue to advance our profession and better care for underserved populations with a smart, proven model. That makes a difference.


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We can do what we do because of the amazing technicians at our on-site dental labs. Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories is the largest U.S. network of denture-focused labs. We're technician founded, and technician managed. And we're hiring!

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Our network of more than 225 affiliated practices in 39 states, is the nation’s largest group of denture and implant service providers... and growing every year.

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